Enrollment & Responsibilities

Hong Kong Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (HKFBF)

Eligibility for Enrollment

As of 1 January 2011, the competitor must sign never participated in any event(s) is not organized by HKFBF.

Members’ Responsibilities

Members should safeguard HKFBF and IFBB against any opposition, support and recognize IFBB as the only legitimate entity in the bodybuilding community.

Promotion, Sponsorship & Rewards

Hong Kong Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (HKFBF)

  1. An athlete of HKFBF, who has been entered of top three in any invitational bodybuilding competition held by HKFBF that will be categorized as an Elite Athlete. He will also be qualified to enter for competitions organized by AFBF as well as other international competitions such as World Championships and Arnold Classic organized by IFBB.
  2. All Elite Athletes, who have been nominated by HKFBF for entering competitions which organized by AFBF, IFBB and Arnold Classic will be given sponsorship on a partial basis.
  3. The rewards scheme for Asian Competition of AFBF, World Championships of IFBB and Arnold Classic:
  • Cash prize for athlete whose performance excelled 50% of his competitors in the same team – US$1,000.
  • Cash prize for athlete who has entered the Finals – US$2,000.
  • Cash prize for the 2nd Runner Up – US$2,500.
  • Cash prize for the 1st Runner Up – US$3,000.
  • Cash prize for the Champion – US$4,000.